Lee Gordon's Commercial and Narration Demo Page

On this page you will find samples of A/V Narrations, "Straight" Commercials, and "Character Voice" Commercials including some celebrity impressions, even a special Santa Claus and Elf demo, E-Learning, TV Promos, IVR-Voicemail, Movie Trailers, and Audio Books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Lee Gordon Narration Demo Narration Demo

Lee Gordon Commercial Demo Commercial Demo

Lee Gordon Characters and Impressions Demo Characters and Impressions Demo

Lee Gordon E-Learning Demo E-Learning Demo

Lee Gordon Movie Trailer Demo Movie Trailer Demo

Lee Gordon Explainer Video Demo Explainer Demo

Lee Gordon TV Promo Demo TV Promo Demo

Lee Gordon IVR-Voicemail Demo Voicemail Demo

Lee Gordon Medical Demo Medical Demo

Lee Gordon Santa and Elf Demo Santa Claus & Elf Demo

Lee Gordon Non-Fiction Audio Book Demo Non-Fiction Audio Book Demo

Lee Gordon Fiction Audio Book Demo Fiction Audio Book Demo

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